Vets and veterinary practice valuations Vets and veterinary practice valuations Vets and veterinary practice valuations Vets and veterinary practice valuations
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Veterinary Practice Valuations

R A Valuation Services Limited specialises in undertaking goodwill valuations to determine the market price of vets and veterinary practices. We often get asked, how much is my practice worth? It is understandably a question that is close to the hearts of all practice owners. Our valuations take into consideration the subtleties of veterinary practice and appreciate that no two practices are the same.

An accurate and independent assessment of the value of a veterinary practice business is an essential tool in any form of business change or development. Our Valuation reports are an important, if not vital, aid to business owners, prospective purchasers and their financial and legal advisers.
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Business Valuations
Valuation Services for Veterinary Practices
R A Valuation Services Limited is an independent organisation that specialises in providing sensibly and competitively priced valuation reports.... more >>

The Valuation Process Explained
The valuation process can be applied to all types and sizes of practice provided that the business has trading accounts for, ideally, the last three year period and reasonably well maintained financial records .... more >>

"Thank you for your most comprehensive valuation report. It will be of a great help in our financial planning"
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Reasons for a valuation
A Business Valuation supported by a professionally prepared valuation report from an independent and authoritative source is an essential aid to:
  • Management or internal buyout
  • Business sale / Business purchase
  • Partnership and shareholder change
  • Litigation e.g. legal separation
  • Incorporation
  • Tax agreement
  • Borrowing and funding
  • Business development
  • Benchmark / Performance indicators for business
  • Report is definitive & realistic in the market place
R A Valuation Services Ltd
Recognised Authority
Valuation reports produced by R A Valuation Services Limited are acknowledged to be the authoritative form of business valuation for many small and micro business sectors and are accepted by:
  • Bank managers
  • Other lenders & providers of finance
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Tax specialists
And an R A Valuation Services' valuation report is tailor-made for their purposes. Indeed, such is their authority that an R A Valuation Services' valuation report is normally insisted upon in support of negotiations.

The report itself is detailed and informative, professionally presented and smartly bound.

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