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Single Joint Expert Business Valuation Specialist - Mark Ridout BSc (Hons) | Managing Director | R A Valuation Services Ltd

Mark Ridout is a business valuation specialist with extensive experience in valuing sole traders, partnerships, LLPs and limited companies across a broad range of sizes and industries. He is a director of R A Valuation Services Ltd and has a first class BSc (Hons) Honours Degree in Business and Information Systems. Perhaps more importantly, he has a rare ability to speak about business valuation methodology in plain, simple English.

Mark Ridout
Mark Ridout

He has undertaken numerous instructions in the capacity of single joint expert and party appointed expert for share and asset valuations of businesses and companies in matrimonial / divorce, legal separation, litigation and other disputes.

Mark has also represented clients in negotiations - particularly with challenges from HMRC, SAV and VOA. He has written numerous published articles on the technical valuation of companies, as well as ways in which an optimal valuation figure can be achieved. He has also consulted business owners on maximising the value of a business as part of pre sale preparations and M&A negotiations.

Recent instructions include winning a dispute case over the value of goodwill for his client at The High Court Royal Courts of Justice in the capacity of party appointed expert. Instruction cases also include expert witness dispute resolution and matrimonial settlements for regional court cases, HMRC challenges, change of business ownership, fund raising and so on. Mark undertakes over one hundred valuation instructions each year.

Expert Witness Summary:

  • Specialised in the valuation of businesses and companies since April 2007.
  • Regularly involved in independent expert reports and valuations, acting as either single joint expert (SJE) or party appointed expert (PAE).
  • Cases dealt with include professional negligence claims, retrospective valuations, loss of profits claims and trading assessments.
  • Instructions received from Solicitors acting for Plaintiffs and Defendants, as well as jointly. Experience includes pre-litigation reports, preliminary advice, Expert Witness reports and advice and pre-trial conferences.
  • Regularly produces articles in professional and trade publications on business valuation and assessment.
  • Consulting clients on matters such as changes in appraisal and valuation practice, market analysis relating to specialist business sectors, and the effects of new legislation.

Reports are extensive and detailed; presented to the court, confirming that the facts stated are within our own knowledge and represent our true and complete professional opinion and comply with Practice Direction 35 and in accordance with Part 25 of the Family Procedure Rules 2010.

R A Valuation Services specialises in providing sensibly and competitively priced formal company valuation and business valuation reports for all types and sizes of sole traders, partnerships, LLPs, private limited companies businesses and other organisations in the UK and Europe.

We are happy to explain the process and what you would need to provide, so why not phone the office on 01425 402 402.


Single Joint Expert Business Valuation Specialist - Mark Ridout BSc (Hons) | Managing Director | R A Valuation Services Ltd


An expert business valuation supported by a professionally prepared Valuation Report from an independent and authoritative source is an essential aid for:

  • Acquisition and divestment negotiations
  • Management buy-out and management buy-in
  • Business sale and business purchase
  • Director, shareholder, partner change
  • Restructuring
  • Matrimonial / divorce settlements
  • Dispute resolution
  • Litigation
  • Tax planning (e.g. EMI schemes), tax agreements and tax disputes
  • Incorporation
  • Borrowing and funding
  • Business development
  • Strategic planning
  • Performance benchmarking and indicators
Single Joint Expert Business Valuation Specialist - Mark Ridout BSc (Hons) | Managing Director | R A Valuation Services Ltd


Valuation Reports produced by R A Valuation Services Ltd are bespoke and geared to each client’s individual circumstances and requirements; they are definitive and realistic in the market place. As we are recognised as expert witnesses for supplying Valuation Reports to UK courts and HMRC queries/challenges, we are acknowledged to be the authoritative business valuer by:

  • HMRC including:
  • Shares and Assets Valuations (SAV)
  • Valuation Office Agency (VOA)
  • UK Courts
  • Banks
  • Other lenders and financial intermediaries
  • Tax specialists
  • Accountants

R A Valuation Services' Valuation Reports are tailor-made for their purposes, definitive and realistic in the market place. Indeed, such is their authority that an R A Valuation Services' Valuation Report is normally insisted upon in support of negotiations.