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R A Valuation Services Limited - Privacy Policy
R A Valuation Services Ltd will never disclose your details to any third party - without your prior permission - or send emails except in response to your enquiry or instruction.

When you place an enquiry in respect of the services provided by R A Valuation Services Ltd you may provide us with certain personal information. This information may be provided online through our websites, by telephone, by electronic communications or via direct contact with our employees.

We follow strict security procedures to ensure that personal information is not damaged, destroyed or disclosed to a third party without your permission and to prevent unauthorised access to your information. Any financial or other information received is used solely for the purposes of the valuation, or other purpose as intended, exclusively by R A Valuation Services Limited.

For added security and discretion, we digitise any hard copies of documents received. We confirm with the client whether they require the original (hard copies) to be returned to them, otherwise original documents are disposed of securely. Information held is in electronic format and stored on our encrypted cloud data server.

Any email sent to you from R A Valuation Services Ltd will be submitted via our dedicated servers that are encrypted through SSL/TLS connections.

Emails have DKIM signing. DKIM allows email senders to digitally sign their messages for verification by the recipients email provider. It is designed to significantly reduce email spoofing.

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